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Kadon Corporation

Karnak Corporation
Kathrein, Scala Division
KB Alloys

Ketema A & E Division

Kevco, Inc.

K I Pembroke

Kindred Industries

King Systems Corporation

Kingston Metal Corp.

Kingston Metal South

Kingston Metal Specialties Co.

Kitchen Craft

Klein Tools, Inc.

Komet of America, Inc.


Koszegi Products


LA-CO Industries, Inc.

Laars Heating Systems Company

Lamson & Sessions

Lander Company, Inc.

Latronics Corporation

Laufen Ceramic Tile, Inc.

Lavelle Industries

Lawrence Industries, Inc.

Lawson Margo Packaging Corp.

LCF Manufacturing Ltd.

Lea Industries

Lederle Laboratories

Lederle Parenterals, Inc.

Leland Electrosystems

Lennox Industries

Lenox China

Level One Communications, Inc.

Lewellyn Manufacturing, Inc.

Leybold Vacuum Systems

Libbey Owens Ford

Lightolier Canada

Lilly Industries, Inc.

Lincoln Foodservice

Linear Lighting Corp.
Lisega, Inc.
LMP Steel & Wire

Loewen Windows

Loranger Manufacturing Corp.

Lord Corporation

Loren Industries

LSI Canada
LTV Copperweld

LTV Steel

Lubriquip, Inc.

Lucent Technologies, Inc.

Ludlow Technical Products

Lukens Steel

Luminescent Systems, Inc.

Lydall Manning

Lyon Metal Products, LLC

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