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M & C Specialties Company

M & S Manufacturing Company

M.A. Hanna Rubber Processing, Inc.

MS Kennedy Corp.
Maass Flange Corporation

Mack Trucks, Inc.

Magnesium Products

Magnetic Specialty, Inc.

Mahle, Inc.
Mail-Well Label

Maine Machine Products Company

Mannington Mills

Manufacturers' Industrial Group

Manu-Tronics, Inc.

MAPA Pioneer

The Maple Press Company

Marada Industries

Marine Air Systems, Inc.

Mark I Molded Plastics, Inc.

Marley Cooling Tower

Mastico Industries Limited

Matthews International Corp

Maxcor Manufacturing, Inc.

Maysteel Corporation

Mazer Corporation

MCL, Inc.

McNeilus Companies, Inc.

MDT Biologic/Castle

Mead Packaging

Med-I-Pant, Inc.

Medalcraft Mint, Inc.

MEMC Electronic Materials Inc.


Menasha Corporation Molded Products Division

Meridian Accurcast Limited

Merrell Dow Pharmaceutical

Merrimac Paper Company, Inc.

Metal Powder Products
Metal Powder Specialties
Metal Sales Manufacturing Corp.

Metco Division of Perkin Elmer

Metokote Corporation

Michelin Tire Corporation

MICO, Inc.

Micro Matic U.S.A, Inc.

Microelectronic Modules Corporation


Microwave Data Systems

Mid-Continent Screw Products

Midcom Inc.

Midcon Cables Co.
Mid-States Aluminum Corporation

Midwest Pipe Coating

Midwest Products, Inc.

Milgard Manufacturing, Inc.

Miller/Zell, Inc

Minco Manufacturing, Inc.

Mine Safety Appliances Company

Mitchell & Scott Machine Company

MMG - North America

Mobil Chemical Company

Mobile Pulley & Machine Works, Inc.


Modern Drop Forge Company

Modine Manufacturing, Inc.


Monster Cable Products

Morgan Corporation


Mox-Med Inc.

Mustang Survival Corp.

Mutual Tool & Die, Inc.

Nartech Metal Products, Ltd.

National Machinery Company

Navistar International Corp.

Navistar International Transportation

Neff-Perkins Company

Neosid (Canada), Ltd.
The J.M. Nev Company

New England Instrument

New Haven Foundry
Newcor Technologies

NI Industries

Nichols Aircraft Division

Nichols Aluminum

The Nielsen Company

The Nippert Company

Norandal USA, Inc.

North American Interconnect

North American Spring

North Atlantic Instruments, Inc.
Northrop Grumman

Norton Company

Norton Pakco Industrial Ceramics

Norwalk Furniture Corporation

Norwich Aero Products, Inc.

Noxell Corporation

NTN Driveshaft, Inc.

NWL Capacitors

NWL Control Systems

NWL Transformers

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